Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes The Obvious, Isn't Always That Obviouse

I would like to dedicate this post to my brother, Nick, who has wanted to buy me a leveler for a long time because I always had crooked pictures hanging up in all of our previous homes.

Nick, you would be proud that I took the time to make sure it was level.

I have this mail organizer that I've been wanting to hang up.

The problem is that it has these two... I'm not sure what the name for them is... I'll call them, hooky loop things. Why this is so terrible for me is because then I have to put more time into measuring, not the end of the world, but one of those things I don't want to put forth energy into (I think you call that laziness). But it was on my "to do" list and I wanted to do it right.

I thought I came up with an amazing solution that would make it easier by taping a crayon on each side where I would need to put the nails to hang it, and rub it on the wall to make the marks that I needed.

Then I would just level it out to make sure it hangs straight.

Okay, later I realized that it wouldn't have been that much trouble to just measure the distance between the two and mark that on the wall. Sometimes the obvious isn't always that obvious to me.
(the two marks)

Tali then saw me "color" on the walls and wanted to color on the walls too. I had quickly grab a piece of paper and tape it on the wall before she threw a fit, so that she could "color on the wall" too.

And there we go!

I was so proud of myself for hanging it the right way (meaning... making sure it was hanging straight) that it would make me smile as I would pass it throughout the day (kinda pathetic, right?).

On a different note, here are some videos of Tali dancing that day:


  1. I have that same organizer thing! Bought it from hobby lobby:) love it! Def hard to hang!

  2. Way to go Riss! I am very proud of you!!