Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Date Night?

On Friday, we had beautiful weather! (So sad that it only lasted a day.) Tali and I had been in all day, so when James came home, we decided to hang out at the Gateway Mall (Salt Lake's outside mall). Atalia just LOVES it there with all there is to see, hear, and smell! Her favorite is the area with the fountain water that sprays out of this patio area, where lots of kids go to play in the water. I didn't get a picture because I didn't want to linger around the area, torturing Tali when we weren't going to play in it. That will be for another time.

The scowl.

YAY! Smiling for the camera!

"Tali, smile!"

We've got to teach that girl how to pose for a picture.

We went into the arcade and played around there for a while.

And lastly, we saw the movie Rango. It was good, but we thought it wasn't as much of a children's movie as we had thought it would be. Atalia wanted to talk about the movie the whole time it was playing.

Another good night with our little family.


  1. the children's discovery museum there is one of our favorite outings. so much fun to let the kids run wild inside of it. she would love it. it's only a good deal if you have the pass though. i have extras if you ever want to meet us there and try it out!