Thursday, April 14, 2011

In-Laws Visit

James parents came up the next day, before catching a flight to New York City.

We ate at Chuck O Rama . . . we like it there.

Look how similar their hair color is! My mom says that's her natural hair color too. So, I guess Tali has both of her grandma's hair color :)

I just love my in-laws.

After eating, we went to Liberty park. (Nice to walk off some of that food.) I left my camera in the car though, so I didn't get any pictures . . . bummer. My favorite part was watching grandpa roll down the big hill and talking to Izzy on the phone. Atalia, who is a nervous little girl, has really come around to the slide! Hooray! We had a nice little visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and look forward to when they come back through Salt Lake City.