Monday, April 18, 2011

Once And For All

(I think) Most everyone has those few words that they just never know or remember how to spell. I have quite a few. "Congratulations" is one of those words that I seemed to always over-think in my spelling (James always laughs at my creativity when I try to spell a word that I don't know how to spell). I end up using "congrats" instead of using the full word or I would try to think of creative ways to say the same thing, without using the actual word. I decided that I'm going to figure out how to spell it once and for all! For now on, I will not shamefully put "congrats" on anything! I will proudly spell,


Do you have any words like that, that you never know for sure if you are spelling it right? Try taking some time to learn how to spell it right, it can be liberating!

Just wanted to add a video of Atalia too.
Please excuse the messy apartment! My excuse is that we were in-between having family visit and it was laundry day and I took a day (maybe two) off from cleaning.


  1. almost every word that has an "ie" or an "ei" in it. last week i just couldn't figure out how to spell one with an "ie" AND a silent letter or two. can't remember what the word was now, but it was driving me crazy!

  2. Haha. I love this post because I do the same thing. I always have to try and find new ways to word the things I want to say because I'm not sure how to spell one of the words. I always misspell "definitely" I had to look it up before I typed it in here because I always spell it wrong and spell check turns it into defiantly. lol. Glad I'm not the only one.

  3. Yes! I'm really picky about spelling and grammar, though, so I always try to make sure everything is right, but there are definitely those words (like...definitely is one of them...) that I have to really think about before typing!!

  4. YOUR instead of You're, drives me crazy bc I never notice until after I've posted on facebook. I'm sure everyone thinks I need to go back to school, which is true, but gosh darn it ALWAYS sneaks up on me.