Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Awesome Than I Give Myself Credit For

Tuesday, my "exciting" thing was to dedicate a whole day of thinking positive about myself. I know, it's not all that original. How many times have we been told to do this with endless inspirational quotes to motivate us? But have I ever taken it seriously? Well, Tuesday I did! And you know what? It felt really good. Anytime a thought would come into my head to put myself down, I would tell myself the opposite, but that's not all, I decided to believe in it too. I think that was the key too, to BELIEVE it. In honestly trying to practice this, I felt a lot of joy in myself.

You know what the funny thing is? After Tuesday, I went right back to my old ways, embracing those negative thoughts that came to me. Why? Why, after feeling so good, do I go back to feeling so bad?

It's soul-searching time...
...maybe it's because I think that if I remember where and know where all my imperfections are, then I can remember where I need to strive to be better? Is that healthy? ...There must be a better way...right?

Wow, did this take a turn for the more serious... sorry! Now, all this soul-searching is giving me a headache and I don't really know if I'll ever find an answer. Let me know if you come up with any ideas!

On a less serious note... here's something that I've been dreaming about!!!!

It's called a Hall Tree... or something like that.
Oh, the organizing that I could do with a piece of furniture like that!
It'll be a while till I can afford something like that, but I can dream for now!

Hmmm... maybe that's strange to dream about organization, then again, there could be stranger things to dream about.


  1. you make me laugh. I just bought stuff to organize my closest and I have been grumpy all day because other things that I have to do have prevented me from optimal organization time!

  2. I should probably do that. There are some days that I really need a boost of confidence. Sometimes I get scared and feel really incompetent as a mother (like when my kids get sick), but I know I can do it!