Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Begin With Eggs

Coloring eggs is stressful with a little girl that doesn't understand that they have delicate shells.

"Gentle! Gentle, Tali!!"

She really wanted to just play in the dyed vinegar.
"Tali, no! You just put the egg in!"
Haha, can you tell that this was a stressful experience for me? All I wanted to do was be with my family and express my creativity with decorating these eggs . . . in peace.

Patience is a virtue.

Never able to get a picture with her smiling (and not a goofy smile) and looking at the camera.
(Notice the yellow dye on her belly and arm?)

Waiting for them to dry.

Added stickers for even more beauty. . .

. . . except to this one.
I wasn't aloud to add any stickers to our one brownish-green egg. James wanted to add some colors together for this last one. I told him it would turn out brown. He thinks it is beautiful.


  1. Haha that last thing sounds like something Michael would do. In fact, I think he's done it before. Cute eggs!! I remember being stressed out last year but Lilimae was capable of being a lot more careful this year.

  2. love the stickers!!!

    i leave the egg dying projects to grandmas:) too much stress for me!