Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Spirit

I cut out some colorful eggs for us to decorate.

We had fun.

We hung them up around the kitchen.

It was no Martha Stewart project, but it was a happy sight.

Tali helped me hang them up on her door too.

Later, I made Tali a bunny out of paper plates.
He's got his own kind of charm lol.

And some carrots for him to eat.

We hung him on the refrigerator to play with.

James made this really good chicken for dinner! YUM! He started getting into cooking about a year ago and has a dinner night once a week. AND he's really good at it! Sometimes we wonder if he should have gone to culinary school.

It's wrapped in bacon with blue cheese (which we have recently become HUGE fans of) and spinach.

Makes my mouth water all over again.
I highly suggest trying to get your significant other into cooking lol. This came from a man that as a boy, would rather starve than make himself something to eat, according to my mother in-law haha!