Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Store And A Movie Saturday

A little bit ago, we went to Deseret Book's and got Atalia the illustrated children's Book of Mormon Stories.

This reminded me that when I was little, I had a Sunday school teacher that used the Old Testament version when she taught the lessons. I was excited because I had it at home and would tell my teacher every Sunday about which stories I had read from it. One Sunday, she asked me excitedly if I had read the whole thing and she seemed so certain that I had that I just nodded my head yes, like I would have let her down otherwise. I felt terrible for lying to her that I went home and read the rest of it lol.

I don't know why, but the story that always stuck out to me was with Abraham and how he almost sacrificed his son.

We also got a calender . . . if you wait till April to get one, they are 90% off lol. Not that I suggest getting one this late in the year.

We went and saw Rio that night. We didn't really care for it that much, but Tali liked it and as we left she yelled to the screen, in her nasally voice that she sometimes gets, "See ya, Bye!"

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