Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egg Hunt And Lots More!

I've been dreading this post because we took sooooo many photos this day (and they are all very necessary to post).

I had read somewhere that some families celebrate the Easter Bunny the Saturday before Easter Sunday, separating spring and the Easter Bunny from the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ. I thought that was a really good idea and that it is something that I want to start doing with my family. So, Saturday was our Easter Bunny and celebrate spring day.

The Easter Bunny had made Tali a necklace out of Jelly Beans.

Poppie and Mimi came by early to watch the Easter egg hunt.

When Atalia had found all the Easter eggs, we came back inside to find that the Easter Bunny had left a Jelly Bean trail leading Atalia to her Easter basket.

We decided to go to Trolly Square, where we had heard the Easter Bunny would be. (We found out later that we had the dates mixed up and the bunny wouldn't be there till Sunday.)

We stopped in at Whole Foods (my dad's favorite place) and got something to eat. That place is amazing. It feels like the air in there is organic too. (Yes, I know that doesn't make sense.)

Atalia and I had some organic pizza. Very good.

I'm not sure how I missed that this picture turned out blurry. Too bad.

James loved his food too!

We had a lot of fun walking around at Trolly Square (especially in a particular candy store).

We took Tali home for her nap and Dad and I finished making these peanut butter eggs by dipping them in chocolate.

These were SO AMAZING! I miss them. They were even good enough to eat just without the chocolate. The Monday after Easter I just had to throw away the left-overs because they were too tempting and I had already had more than my fair share.

When Atalia woke up, we decided to check out Red Butte Gardens.
For some reason we chose the path less taken at the beginning . . .

. . . which was beautiful . . .

. . . but really hard to get the stroller up.
So, we turned around and picked another path which lead us the children's garden.

A magical place.

The children's garden had this cute maze.

Atalia taking Daddy through a maze.

Mimi and Atalia are watching a chubby squirrel in a tree.
He seems like he gets fed lots of bird seed here.

Hi Poppie!

Petting the deer shrub.

Telling Daddy to get on the other one.

On to another part of the gardens.

Tons and tons of daffodils.

We had a fun-filled day!

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  1. Cute pictures!! You guys do so many fun things together!!!