Tuesday, May 17, 2011

G'Morning Tali

I learned a long time ago that how Atalia wakes up for the day can also set her mood for the day as well. For example, if I rush her waking up process, we get a case of the grumpies and once those grumpies set in, they can be hard to shake. I have to go about it at her pace, gently, and softly. Lately though, it's been taking her what feels like FOREVER to want to get out of her bed! And I'm the kind of person that once I get up and go, I want to go, go, go! (it wears off at about 11) So, having that patience at that time is hard!

We usually play with whatever toys she has in bed with her at the time.

Is it time for a big girl bed? I do like that she stays contained and it's not like she has outgrown it physically. I'm afraid she won't stay in a toddler bed and then I can kiss nap time bye bye. And this little girl NEEDS nap time (not just Mommy). I feel like she seems to be getting too old for her crib. Is that just me? Any suggestions?


  1. We put Lilimae in a toddler bed right after she turned two, but it was mostly so that we could put Lincoln in the crib. She actually surprised me by napping the first few days. Now her naps are hit and miss, but she'll still take them sometimes. The added freedom in her bedroom is nice sometimes because she can get out and get what she wants, but other times it allows her to get into a lot of mischief. But it is totally your decision. Some kids are ready earlier and some are ready later. If it is still working for you, I would keep her in her crib for a while longer if that's what you want to do. She doesn't know any difference. As long as she's not trying to get out and hurting herself, there should be no reason to change for a while. You could maybe ask your doctor for his advice if you want another opinion.