Friday, May 27, 2011

A Happy, Great Saturday

We don't get out too much during the week other than running errands usually and Atalia is so good about it, we try to make weekends special for her.

It was beautiful outside, so we decided to go out to the zoo. They have this zoo-rasic park theme going on with animatronic dinosaurs throughout the zoo. They made Tali slightly nervous and she kept calling them dragons. Some would spray water out onto the crowd, pretty fun.
Tali's favorite animals to see are the monkeys and elephants. Right now they have baby elephant at the zoo.

Stare off with the sippy cup.

We finished off the last leg with some dip and dots for Tali.

We got Tali some paints at the zoo gift shop and tried them out at home.

It came with butterflies to paint, but it didn't stop there.

Nothing makes me more happy than being with my family.
It was a really good, happy day.

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