Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Chinese Family Night

For family night, we tried to go all out Chinese.

I fell in love with the lantern.

James is the pig- "Pigs are chivalrous and gallant. They give all their effort in whatever they do. They are social, determined intellectuals. They make few friends but they last a lifetime. They hate arguments and act as peacemakers. Pigs make decisions very carefully. They tend to be naive in love. They may succeed as an entertainer or lawyer."

I am the tiger- "Tigers are deep and sensitive, and courageous. They are rebels by nature. They are adventurous and daring, which makes others admire them. They hate injustices of society and often are given to humanitarian causes. Tigers can achieve powerful results with their knack of influencing others. A Tiger may make a good explorer, race car driver or boss."

(I am not very adventurous) (In fact, I am an extremely play-it-safe person)

Atalia is the ox- "Ox people are patient, quiet but eloquent. They are usually easy-going but may display fiery tempers when provoked. They can be stubborn and hate to fail. They are very trustworthy and often hold positions of power. They work best alone and are good providers for families. Oxen make good surgeons or hairdressers."

James' parents got this kimono at China Town in New York City for Tali. It looks very adorable on her, I think.

We got Panda Express, I didn't have the energy to make Chinese food.

I don't remember exactly what our fortune cookies said, but they were nothing too great or relative.

We watched Kung Fu Panda afterwards. It was a fun evening.