Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful Hearts

Last Friday, I made a list of everyone in my family (in-laws too) and wrote something that I admire or love about each person. I wanted to share my list and my gratitude to each person for influencing my life in such a positive way.

Dad- It is no secret that I am a daddy's girl, but one of the things that I admire about my dad are his manners. There is more to this trait than it may seem. I see how easy and likable and charming he can be in conversations with people he meets. I always feel like he knows the right thing to say too. He is always polite and makes people feel at ease. It is one of the things that makes me so proud to introduce my dad to other people. I wish so badly that I had this gift. I honestly have to work so hard at it.

Mom- My mother has an amazing ability for interior design. This is something that just comes to her and with no former training in that area either. It is a gift. Somehow, she is able to see the big picture right from the beginning and achieve the end goal. I have come to realize that that it is not an easy thing to do. I usually know what I want in the end, but get lost somewhere on the way. She is able to pull patterns and fabrics and colors together in a way that I do not know anyone else able to do.

Nick- Nick has AMAZING charisma. I think part of that charisma also gives him this amazing talent in making friends anywhere and everywhere he goes. And not just any friends, LIFELONG friends. He definitely puts forth effort in making that a priority in his life too. I LOVE Nicks charisma, especially when he is telling one of his fantastic stories of things he has experienced in his lifetime.

Heidi- Something that I love about Heidi is her genuine sweetness in service. The more that I am around her, the more I have come to notice these sweet offers of help and thoughtfulness. These gestures are never showy and always sincere. To me, those are the best kinds of service.

Tyler- Tyler has amazing charm. Instantly, people fall in love with him. I think they feel his instant love for them and they can't help but give it back in return. That's my theory anyway. It's infectious, Tyler's personality. You can't help but always want to be around him.

Jon- Jon has a great sense of humor that helps him connect to people so easily. Growing up, I always wanted to be as funny as Jon. How do I describe Jon's humor? It's honest and everyone can relate to it. He makes it so easy for you to joke back with him too and I think that is where people are able to connect with him so easily. Jon adds instant fun to any event.

Jennifer- I don't know if there is a word to describe what I love most about Jen. She is my comfort. Anything that I would go through, I knew that I always had my sister. She is to me, what a blanky is to a toddler. It's like she was always my other half (until I got married, of course). She was always the perfect kind of friend to tell me when I was wrong, to listen to me, and love me in return for who I am. I think anyone, who knows her, would agree, that her presence is a comfort.

Bryson- Bryson is always up for some fun. Some people it's like pulling teeth to try to get them to join in to play a game or go out to do something, but not Bryson! It's like he is first in line when the opportunity arrives lol, which always adds to the fun! I think Jen sometimes refers to watching her three children, meaning Bryson as one of them lol.

Sage- Sage is so full of life that she can hardly contain it! She gets so thrilled with things like seeing other children that you can see her eyes wide, just dancing with excitement, her little body filled with excited tension, and the squeals of joy that escape her mouth! Sage is a pleasure to watch experience life.

Raden- He's still just a little baby, but has already shown a relaxed personality (maybe it's to balance out Sage lol). He just let's everyone carry on and enjoys just being with everyone. Excited to get to know him better as he grows!

IN-LAW Side Of The Family:

Dad- Wether they are his favorite person or not, Dad notices that there is good in most people. He sweetly recognizes and defends an individual in a conversation, instantly. I've noticed this from the very first family dinner that I've had with James' family. I love this quality about dad because it makes me feel like he gives me the benefit of the doubt and sees the good in me. I appreciate that comfort so much.

Mom- Mom is one of the most generous people that I know. She gives so much of herself to her friends and family and asks for nothing in return. She would never make you feel indebted to her either. She just loves her family so much. I cannot think of any words that could describe how much I love her and appreciate all that she has done for me and my family.

Sam- Sam has a tender heart. He loves his family and wants to see them all doing well. As I've gotten to know Sam and be around him, I have witnessed the quiet acts of kindness that he has shown to me and James. One day, before Tali was born, I was alone at our apartment with nothing to eat in the cupboards while James was away at classes. I searched our apartment up and down for our dimes and nickels and came up with just barely enough for a small personal pizza from Pizza Hut (where Sam was working at the time) and when they delivered the pizza and I tried to pay them for it, they told me not to worry about it and that it was already taken care of. Sam must have been working that day and saw that we had ordered a pizza and took care of it for us. That was not the first time nor the last time that Sam has done something like that for me or James.

Sorry, I tried to keep away from telling stories in this, but couldn't think of any other way of explaining Sam's kindness.

Ammon- Ammon has a great love for people and they love him right back. He's kind of fearless in the way that he'll walk right up to everyone and anyone and talk to them and become their friend. Everyone loves him. He's truly one of those people that is going to take his talents and make this world a better place. I have all the faith in him that he will. What a great talent to have.

Brigham- I've watched Brigham grow up for about the last five years and he has always, even from a young age, had this mature goodness in him. It's hard to explain, but those that know him, would understand what I'm talking about. For example, I used to Nanny across the street from my in-laws and the oldest would have friends come over after school, including Brigham. I don't remember exactly what some of the issues would be that the kids had, but Brig would always be the one standing up for whatever was right. Maybe that's a lame example, but Brig has always been ahead of his time in understanding what is right. I've always respected him more for it.

Isabel- Isabel is a loyal, loving person. Izzy invests so much of herself into the people that she cares about. She will sweetly grab a soda for you or instantly want to give Tali all her toys when we come to visit. She'll make little crafts and pictures to show that she loves you. She is so sweet. I also have to mention her beautiful voice! I'm pretty sure she has perfect pitch. I hope that seeing her sing a solo in church is not the last time I see her sing a solo, I loved it so much.

Well, that's it!

I just realized that I forgot to add James and Tali, but I'm beat after all of that.

I cried several times while writing this (I'm just a Sensitive Sally that way). I feel overwhelmed with all the love that I have in my families. How lucky am I to have these people in my life!


  1. This is so sweet! You are such a neat person, Laurissa!

  2. p.s. I'm lucky to have you as a friend!

  3. We all love you so much Laurissa!

  4. ohh I want to do this sometime. Since you forgot yourself (silly riss) I'll do one for you.

    Laurissa is one of the kindest people I know. She always tries hard to put extra heart into whatever she does for someone whether its bringing me chicken noodle soup when I was sick at college or making special homemade Christmas presents for everyone in the family. And they're always very creative. Riss is a very loving person to be around. You know she cares about you and you just can't but help care back. She's always been my best friend. And besides all that sweetness she's got a fighter in her. When I was in highschool, I got in a four wheeling accident and banged up my face pretty bad. We were on vacation and whenever anyone would stare at my banged up face, Riss would get so mad and defiantly stare back. My little protector. I love her with all my heart and couldn't ask for a better sister.

    Love you Riss!