Sunday, June 5, 2011


I felt bad for excluding Tali and James from my last post, especially since I love them SO extremely much!

Addling to the love:

James- One of the things that I love most about James is his ability to love people for exactly who they are. You can feel at ease to be yourself with James and he loves it when you are just being yourself. He is non-judgmental. He makes you feel celebrated for who you are as an individual and is very excepting of others. I absolutely LOVE this about James.

Atalia- My sweet little Tali is actually very obedient. Of course, she has her moments, she is still just a two-year-old, but over-all, she listens to me and James. There is such endearment and sweetness that comes through her when she obeys what Mommy or Daddy says that it amazes me every day. I am so grateful for this. I love this little girl through and through.

Okay. THE END!

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  1. that's true about James, he makes you feel comfortable just the way you are. And whenever I think of Tali I just think of sweetness. She's so sweet and happy!