Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A 4th Of July At Sugar House

We were so excited to celebrate the 4th of July at Sugar House!
We found ourselves a spot and got comfy.

We brought a few activities to play, a soccer ball being one of them.

Atalia put stickers on Poppie.

Atalia put stickers on daddy.

It became more relaxing and enjoyable once Tali was content on staying in our little area.

Atalia was a big fan of the funnel cake.

The place was packed and it got even more crowded!

It was fun watching the fireworks with Tali. It was her first time experiencing fireworks and I'm glad to say that she wasn't scared of them.

It took us FOREVER to get out of that traffic when it was over! I have some better ideas for next year!


  1. Does Atalia have red hair? In some of those pictures, her hair really looks red! She and you are so pretty!

  2. Abby, you are so sweet! We call her hair a strawberry blond, but depending on what she's wearing it looks more red sometimes than other times :)