Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Packed-Full Day

We made a trip up to Rexburg to see my in-laws play, Oliver. We had only one full day, so we had to pack it full of fun!

Tali is feeding the dogs leaves. She got the idea when we fed some donkey's at a farm once. She didn't seem to notice that they weren't eating them.

We went to BYU-I's new indoor track to get some exercise.

Tali made sure we all got a good work out. She ran two laps on her own and probably could have kept going, but got bored with it. Yes, I am jealous.

It was hard to get a clear picture with all the movement.
Tali spilled water down the front of her from the water fountain.
It felt good to get some exercise in and be all together.

We got back to Grandma and Grandpa's and quickly got ready to go the splash park.
Tali road the carousel.

Then straight from there we went to go see Kung Fu Panda 2.

Then everyone had to get home and get ready for the play. We got a babysitter for Tali (which was hard for me) (first time someone baby sat her that wasn't family) (she didn't even cry) (I think I had a harder time than her).

My in-law's were amazing! Brig and Izzy were orphans and Brig also helped behind the scenes. My mother-in-law played, Widow Corney and my fathe-in-law played, Fagin. They really were terrific and extremely talented. I really loved Fagin's song, "Reviewing The Situation."
When we got home, Tali asked if she could go to bed lol. My father-in-law made frappes, yum!

It was a quick visit, but we got a lot in and had a lot of fun!

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