Friday, July 29, 2011

Poppie's And Mimi's New Diggs

Poppie and Mimi are finally making the big move!

We went up to Logan to help my dad move out of his apartment and into a house they found out in Wellsville. It's an old farm house and on a beautiful piece of property.

We found some kittens in the barn and two other cats (we think they are the parents).
I really came to like this guy.

Tali calls this area the beach because the fine gravel reminds her of sand I suppose.

James thought they were so lucky to have such a beautiful view of the mountains.

They have access to this beautiful area with a creek.

It really is a very magical area.

Muddy bum.

We are very excited to have family bon-fires here.

I would love to try to get some really nice pictures of Tali sitting on this red bench next time.

James ended our visit with a splash. Breaking one of the nine swings there, right into the creek.
He was disappointed that I didn't get it on video.

Atalia was SO EXTREMELY sad to leave, it broke my heart a little.
When I told her it was time to go she said, "I no Yike (like) it!" she said it with so much grief and pain, it made me feel so bad, but we'll be back.

We are excited to get Mimi out here!

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