Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookshelf Improvements

I LOVE having photo albums.
I think it's harder to keep up with them these days. What with the digital camera and the hundreds of photos you can take and downloading them on blogs and
Facebook and so forth. I try really hard to keep up with it, but it ends up being a once a year thing that I catch up with and print off about a thousand pictures and put them in photo albums (in chronological order of course) (What? I don't have any OCD in me).

Now, I have a ton of photo albums.
I would really like to have them out and more accessible though. Therefore, we got a cheap bookcase to put them all in. The problem is that some of those photo albums are bright pink, orange, and yellow. Not the color scheme that I wanted to go with in our living room.

What is the solution!?
I knew we needed some book covers!

I found some wrapping paper for .36 cents at Michael's (Holla!) (Sorry, that was weird. I never "holla") and I wrapped those photo albums up, just like I covered my school text books up with paper bags from the grocery store when I was little. It made such a difference! Check it out!

Ahhh...that feels so much better!

I had my friend, Pam come over (she's studied interior design) and help me make a few adjustments to make it even more easier on the eyes. (Thanks Pam!) I want to add a few more decorative things to it eventually, but that will have to wait till we have some extra money.

So, what do you think?! A pretty easy, inexpensive trick to making a bookcase more... cohesive? Is that the right word to use?

My brother didn't like the lack of Tali pics in the last few post's. So, here she is! She grabbed all of Daddy's ties out of the closet and sat in them and played. That reminds me, I still have to clean those up.

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