Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blanket Fort

I made a fort out of blankets.
I made a fort out of blankets for Tali.
I showed it to Tali.
Tali wasn't all that impressed.
I was sad because Tali wasn't impressed.


My Fort!

The inside of our fort.
(A wide opening so we could still see the TV from inside.) (We know where our priorities lie.)

Tali showed more excitement about it later, bringing a bunch of her toys into her teepee.
Wasn't it smart thinking of me to add her teepee to our fort, like a separate chamber? It would mean a lot if you acted like you were impressed.

We pulled out the Bugles (something I recently discovered that I love) and tried to get a picture of the two of us.

Hmmm... this is proving to be difficult.

Tali could you keep your eyes open?

I must have been going for the dreamy-face-look here...
Not sure what Tali was going for.

TALI! Open your eyes!

Oh, forget it. I'll just take a picture by myself.

Daddy brought home some pizza! We ate it in the fort.

I guess we didn't feel like getting plates out. That's never happened before.... possibly....

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