Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happiness In A Tub

It's no secret, my world revolves around Atalia and I wouldn't want it any other way.
So, when she jumps in her tub of toy food, I run (or maybe I just hustle) and get the camera.

I love it when she wears something that brings out the red in her hair.

I thought I would add some updates of new happenings:

1. We've upgraded Tali to a toddler bed and she has been fantastic about it. I think it is the perfect timing for her and she's really shown that she is ready for it.

2. Atalia seems to think that the prophet is anyone wearing a suite lol. After our home teachers left she said, "Where'd prophet go?" indicating to where our home teachers had previously been sitting.

3. I think the terrible two's comes in waves starting at about 1 or 1 -1/2. Right now when Atalia gets mad at me she tells me that I'm not nice.

4. Atalia loves to sing the clean up song while putting her toys in her basket then dumping it back out and doing it again.

5. Tali's been singing a lot lately and it is my new favorite thing.

Hmmm... do all of those updates have to do with just Tali? Yup. That is a good representation of my life lol.

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