Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Samples, Please.

Last Monday, we went over to Great Harvest to get some free samples for our family night. We each got a slice of their pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Yum.

I always feel so uncomfortable getting free samples (not that that stops me).

1. Rarely does it ever make me decide to buy that product (it's just exciting to get a free snack).

2. It's the worst when there is someone there handing it out. I never know what to say to them afterwards. Do I pretend that I'm mulling it over wether to buy it or not or just make a quick getaway? I think they are on to me from the beginning.

3. What if I don't want their free sample? I'm a picky eater and sometimes I don't really want what they are offering, but I suck it up, eat it anyways, and tell them that it was very good. Yes, yes I do.

4. What are the rules for children? It was awkward when I asked the Great Harvest guy for a free sample for my toddler too.

Someone needs to lay down the etiquette laws of sampling for people who entirely think about things way too much, like me.

In the end, we bought a small jar of raspberry jam too. Entirely because we felt obligated after our free samples. That's how they get'cha!


  1. Ha ha ha you kill me. You really shouldn't feel obligated to try something you don't want, next time try, "Oh no thank you" :) . However, I can relate when I do try a sample and its awful, all I can come up with is "Oh yum thanks". I share your love for pumpkin chocolate chip bread, mmmmm.

  2. ha ha. That is the best. I am with Julie, if you don't like it, don't try it. I always walk a little faster past the samples of sea food and canned mystery meats. As or Tali I think they should give her 2 samples because she is so cute. But seriously don't worry about getting them for the kiddie, the people giving out the samples do the same thing as you when they aren't working. I do find myself in the awkward situation of not knowing if I should look interested in the product or just get out of dodge after I am done.

    And yes, that is how they get'cha. I would have had to buy the cheapest thing in the store to make my sampling a little more legit. At least at costco I'm walking out with a cart of groceries. At great harvest I wouldn't be able to leave empty handed. Remember in college when we would go there with ^Julee^ and get there amazing cinnamon rolls.... yummmm. That is what I would have gotten :)