Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy, Homemade Bird Feeder

I found this idea online, on how to make an easy bird feeder and I thought that it would be a fun activity to do with Tali.

Phoofa (Sp?) got a front seat.

Tali started "helping" by unwinding the whole ribbon roll. Not necessary at all, but one of those days when I'm like, "Oh, well." lol

I used cardboard from an old cereal box, cut out two circles, and put a hole punch in each to tie the ribbon through.

Then you cover both sides of the circles with peanut butter and then stick the birdseed to it on each side.

Tali liked playing in the seed. Afterwards, I wish I would have thought to make this outside, it was a huge mess.

Tie the ribbon through the hole punch hole and VOILA! A bird feeder!

We tied them up outside our window, hoping that we can watch as we feed many little bird families.

...and we've been watching for birds. If you build it, they will come... right?

Anyway, it was a fun activity to do with Tali. You can also use pine cones too, instead of the cardboard. I posted a picture I found online, below. Cute, huh?

Or you can try different shapes other than our circles.
We only bought a small bag of bird seed, which was about $2 and we had the rest of the materials on hand.
It's nice to find some cheap, fun activities.

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