Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Flies At The Storytelling Festival

Sorry, it's been a little bit since I have updated the blog. First, I lost the cord to my camera and then we switched internet providers. You'll be glad to know that I've found my camera cord underneath a pile of clothes in my room and we now are enjoying our new internet provider, Comcast (BOO Qwest!!). It's just our first day with internet again, after a week of not having it and we have been catching up for lost time lol. We are rather pathetic.

A few weekends ago, we went to the Storytelling Festival in Orem/Provo (not sure which one of those it was in). We parked and then got on a bus to take us to the festival. Atalia was BEYOND excited to ride the bus lol. I guess, it was kind of exciting. Not everyday that I get to ride a school bus anymore.

Here is a short video of her on the bus. It doesn't quite capture her excitement from when she first got on the bus, but she was thoroughly enjoying the ride.

We got there and connected with Grandma and Grandpa and Brig and Izzy.

We ducked into what we thought was going to be a puppet show, but ended up being a mime show. Atalia mimicked the mime for a while and then lost interest. It was my first time seeing a mime so I can now cross that off my list of things to see in my life haha.

They had a lot of really neat puppets. If we go again another year, I'd really like to get her a really nice one.

This is a nice picture of Izzy :)

There were these jugglers that came out and performed where all the food was.
They completely cracked me up. I hadn't laughed that much in a while.

Atalia gracing us with her presence.

Again, really funny.

Then we took the bus back.

We had lunch at Rumbi Grill.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really loved their food and literally gobbled mine right up. Atalia was supposed to share with me AND James, but only focused on James' food, much to his dismay lol.

You can tell how much she loved it from the picture below...

James was sad that she ate most of his meat.

We went back to my in-laws hotel room.
Atalia got comfy on the bed next to grandma.

We went to the hotel's pool and swam.

Atalia enjoyed the hot tub experience.

After that... we went to the mall! We walked around for a bit and then ended it with the children's play area. I was amazed with how cool it was!

How magical is this tree house?!!!
Wish every playground was magical like this!

Then we had dinner at Iceburg and said goodbye to my in-laws. The day flew by, but we did so many fun things! I absolutely love days that are packed full of fun things from morning till night.

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad! We had so much fun with you guys!

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