Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playing In The Dark

Two weeks ago, we went up to Logan to spend time with my parents and my sister and her family, who were visiting. We had a fun night hanging out by the "hollow" (that's what I've heard a few call it) by my parents home.

Tali and Sage got in the tire swing together. This lasted a whole minute. lol

Sage was really excited, as you can tell by looking at her face. Tali... not so sure.

Tali has a blast whenever she's playing outside.

Bryson, taking Sage out for a swing.

Bryson taking Tali out for a swing. I was surprised that she let him!

AND... she liked it!

James built an awesome fire (this picture doesn't give it justice) and we got roasting those marshmallows.

Tali kickin' her feet up.

The two little girls found two little chairs.

It looks like Tali is asking for Sage's marshmallow, but really she's just asking to hold her hand.

Now, I know it looks like she's going in, face first, for Sage's marshmallow, but she wasn't! I promise!

I love how Sage is the only one looking at me for the picture.

Family picture.

It's proving to be difficult... hopefully my dad had better luck getting a picture.

There's Jen and Raden!

Tali, with chocolate pudding all over her face.

Throwing sticks into the fire.

I thought these next two pictures were funny...

Haha! I didn't even know that I got these pictures as she was falling over in her chair! lol

What a fun night!
It's hard taking pictures in the dark! You don't know exactly what you're getting a picture of.

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