Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holding Hands

Tali and Sage hold hands all the time now and it is incredibly adorable.
Sometimes it takes them a minute to figure out how to hold each other's hands and then they are off!

Can I just fall in love with their friendship?

So sweet.

We have to watch though that Tali doesn't start dragging Sage behind her. She just moves a little easier and a little faster.

We told them to run and they did.

This was right as Sage fell down. She was tough and didn't even cry.

James up on the slide.
We like playgrounds just as much as kids do.

I love these two pictures of Sage on the swing and her lack of expression lol.

This part of the play ground is scary... at least for a mom... that worries a lot.

For some reason, I love seeing Tali trying to climb up slides. It's kind of an adventurous thing to do (at least for Tali).

I kept telling her that she didn't need to hold her one arm up so high while holding on, but she didn't listen to me.

Tali picked a flower for Daddy, then Mommy, then Aunt Jen, and then Sage.
But not uncle Bryson lol.

Here you go, Sage.

Raden on the swing. Don't you just love his hat?

I think this picture is sweet, with Jen and Raden.

Uncle Bryson started burying a bug under wood chips.

This got the girls attention.

Wish we had brought some bread :(
Tali didn't understand why they wouldn't eat her pebbles.

They were cracking each other up... pretty funny!

Packing in the three cousins (Raden didn't make the picture for some reason) to go shopping.

Quick visit from Poppie.

We celebrated Sage's birthday that night.

Jen's cake was... charming :)
Parts of it collapsed, but I think it's better this way anyway.

I do really like the frosting color and sprinkles.

The party animals.

That's all!

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