Wednesday, October 26, 2011

James Turns 28!

James turned 28! Holy CoW! I still feel like I should be like 22 which would put James at 25! Time is going way too fast, it's making me uncomfortable lol.

Atalia and I made Daddy some birthday cards.

10 seconds into it, she got blue marker on her face.

Instead of saying, "Happy Birthday!" she says, "Happy Cake!" I think it's because we sing the Happy Birthday song right before we eat cake.

Happy Birthday James! You're still as cute as ever!

As always, a birthday breakfast... it's the best way to start a birthday! (oh rhyming, you make me happy)

That would be CREAM SODA in his hands! lol I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea!

And our lovely princess gone wild...

I curled Atalia's hair for Daddy's birthday!

Love this shirt on her... gotcha!
It's actually one of her old dresses! Haha! I went through some of her old dresses to see if they would work as shirts for her now. Luckily, she just gets taller and not wider. Yeah, we need to do some shopping for her.

This cake should forever be known as, 'The Almost Ruined A Gazillion Times Cake'.
I was one egg short for the cake batter (luckily my friend had one to spare),
I almost put sugar-free icing on it (leftover from this occasion),
also used up all of my beautiful, vibrant food coloring on that darn sugar-free icing, leaving a couple drops for the yummy cream cheese frosting, giving it a very non-masculine minty green that I so did not want for James' birthday cake,
forgot to reset the timer after interrupting it to warm up Atalia's lunch, resulting in almost burning it,
Atalia almost digging into it with her bare hands before Daddy got home,
and Atalia almost knocking it over off the table.

This cake was almost not meant to be.
How horrible would it be to ruin someone's Birthday cake?!? I was close to doing so this year! I hope it never happens again.

Had a Green Lantern theme, completely unintentional lol

Daddy got a tub desk! I tried it out... it is amazing! I highly recommend it! He also got the first season to Modern Family (SO GOOD) and some new shirts.

James turns one! Just kidding, he's older than one.

Daddy let Atalia blow out his candle :)

The next day, Mimi came up to watch Atalia so that we could go see a movie. We saw the last Harry Potter movie and we loved it! It was a good birthday weekend!

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  1. Tali's shirt/dress works out perfectly! I wish I could do that with Sage. But she does grow thicker as she grows taller :)

    The cake looks surprisingly fine despite all it had going against it!

    And Tali's hair looks so cute curled! I've never done it on Sage but I thought for her Red Riding Hood outfit I could do it because she'll be wearing a hood so it would look better to have her hair down and it'll be warmer. We'll see if she lets me.