Monday, October 24, 2011

What A Disheveled Looking Girl

This was taken the day we got back from traveling. I don't know what happens in that back seat that makes her nice and neat hair look like this by the end of the trip lol. Then she's got all these stains and drippings of food all over her clothes and face. It just makes me laugh out loud how disheveled looking she can get.

My sister has a blog about her doing really fun hairstyles on her little toddler everyday ( lol Maybe I should start another blog on Tali's wild and wacky hairstyles everyday ;)


  1. That's why I always try to take Sage's hair pics RIGHT after I do it! Because after her nap especially it ends up a lot like Tali's here! Unless I braid it, that usually stays in.

  2. Oh and thanks for the shout out :)