Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Aquarium

I can't remember the exact name of the aquarium (Living Water's Aquarium, maybe. Or maybe I just made that all up. I donno.) I'm feeling too lazy to look it up, but we went to an aquarium (in Sandy... I think). James' family came down for a visit and we had another packed-full day of fun.

This place was crowded! But even for it being so crowded, it was still a lot of fun (unlike the Discovery Children's Museum).

This place is seriously cool. And I know about cool....

Okay, so I don't know a lot about cool, but I think you could trust me on this one.

My favorites were the penguins, the otters, the sting rays (that you can touch! though.. I didn't), the really big fish and eels, and jelly fish. What? Did that sound like everything? Cuz it wasn't!

So, where you can touch the sting ray's as they swim by, Atalia and I were standing next to Brig and she kept putting Brigs hand in the water to touch the sting ray, when he was clearly not ready to. It made me laugh so hard how she was clearly picking on him/trying to make Brig do something that he wasn't comfortable with doing just yet. I don't know if I explained that right, but it still makes me chuckle when I think about it.

Also, I can't remember if Brig went to touch the sting ray or if he got freaked out right before touching it, but pulled his hand out suddenly and drenched the front of his shirt with water... oh man... also funny.

lol two pictures and not even any fish in the background... What was I thinking?

You can just faintly make out the jellyfish. They are the blue circular things.
I thought these were pretty cool with how they change color and all.

Do you know what's in there? Because I don't.

Large frogs to climb are always fun, I always say.

These were all the pictures I got of that day! I know, fail on my part and I didn't even get anyone else! Double fail, Laurissa, double fail!

We also did other things like go to the DI, checked out a Scottish store Downtown, the mall, and finishing up with yummy pizza! By the end of the day, we were all pooped.

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  1. the gateway is best on mondays b/c they are "no field trip days." at least, that's what the email said a year ago. it is rare that we can ever make it on a monday, and i swear that the kids in utah are never in school or they are on a field trip. anyway, gateway is really good from about noon-2 during lunch time and sometimes in the afternoon like 4pm-6pm as long as it's not a holiday. the aquarium is about 2 min from our house and it used to be so mellow and awesome. never packed. it was our favorite. now we don't even go anymore b/c they sold their passes on groupon or one of the living social deals or something and now it is so packed that it's just not fun anymore. i haven't found a day of the week OR a time of day when it's not packed. so sad!