Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

I have been dying to take Tali to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum since we have moved to Salt Lake! It's a hands-on museum with tons of things for kids to do and for a variety of ages too. I was so excited to finally go!

My parents came down for the day and we were naming off things we've done and experienced in Salt Lake and talked about how we haven't tried this Children's Museum yet. So, we decided to go! Yay!

We got there and it was really expensive for 4 adults and an almost 3yr old.. I think $8.50 per person, including Tali. Purtty expensive, especially when all the adults are just there to watch Tali play. It was a really neat place though, with SO many cool things.

We started off with the grocery store area.

Tali loved it, but it was hard for the rest of us to enjoy it with her because it was SO crowded and SO loud. They do have really neat things there, it was too bad we couldn't enjoy it as much with her.

I would love to go again, but during the morning on a week day, while the older kids are at school.

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  1. I always loved the grocery store part of that museum!