Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Our Christmas day!

This is Tali's big Christmas gift that I made with TONS of help from my dad. You can find the before picture here. We repurposed this... what do you call it? Tall, shelf.. cubby, drawer thing? Anyway, it now holds her dress-up things.

We added a few dresses...

With a few more gifts to open in the drawers like dress-up shoes, wands, jewelry, etc...

If I were a kid, I would have been excited to open this.

Opening the stocking first.
My sister and I LOVED our Barbies and may have played with them for way longer than most of my friends were aware of.
Hugs for Barbie.

Happy girl.

Here's a video of Tali opening some of her stocking things.

My camera went dead... I should have been on top of that.
So, we didn't get any more pictures of us opening gifts.

I let it charge for a bit and got Tali all dressed up in her new dress-up things.
Haha... have you ever seen a happier girl?

Miss fancy pants.

Spent some time enjoying our gifts and then off to Rexburg!

Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's!

Opening up gifts from the family.

I would say that we had a really good Christmas with lots of fun presents!