Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Day Of Green

 Our St. Patty's Day...

Last year I remember dropping the ball on St. Patrick's Day, so I tried a little harder this year (lol but not that much harder)

We started off with Lucky Charms for breakfast and shamrock necklaces.

Tali and I painted our toes green.

We set up our platter of green fruit.

We introduced Tali to Yoda. She absolutely loved it. Here's a picture of her mouth hanging wide open while she watches.

We made macaroni art on green paper and played a game of hide the paper shamrocks and let Tali go around finding them.

This was actually the day that we found out that I was pregnant with my 2nd child! It's something we had been wanting for a very long time and tried to stay positive about, but for whatever reason, I guess, this was the right time. Made it a very special St. Patrick's Day :) 

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  1. How fun! Nothing quite compares to the feeling of a positive pregnancy test! So happy for you!! :)