Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Things Are Better In Theory

I thought I had a fun idea to make our day a little more interesting.. I thought I could add some food coloring to our dinner to make it more fun. I decided on pink. And I decided on Tuna Helper. 

Atalia loved it. 

Not sure if it was just the pregnancy, but the looks of it grossed me out. I still tried to eat it and it was good. So, as long as I didn't look at it, I was alright.

James came home and took one look at it and asked, "Why!?" I was kind of thinking that this kind of thing would gross him out. And it did. He tried to eat some, but couldn't do it. The looks of it were too much for him. 

I was just trying to make it fun!!! lol Sometimes, things are better in theory and sometimes not even then haha.

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