Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 Years Married

 James and I have been married for 5 years on May 31. Oh. My. Goodness. 
We had a low-key anniversary. He got me breakfast, we exchanged gifts, he went to work, we wrote our love for each other on our facebook status's, he brought home dessert from the Dodo (they have amazing desserts), we got some dinner, put Tali to bed, and had an Awake marathon on hulu (btw, a must watch show!), while we ate our yummy desserts. Not much, but nice.

The next day my mom and dad surprised us by spontaneously coming down to watch Atalia so that we could go see a movie. We saw, This Means War at our cheap movie theater and liked it a lot :) Thanks mom and dad, we really appreciated it! 

No pictures of our day, but what I can share is what I gave James for our anniversary. Money is low (as always lol), so I took some pictures of Atalia outside wearing her daddy's shoes, printed them off, picked my three favorites, and put them in a nice three-photo picture frame for him to put on his desk at work. I thought I should have put a picture of me in there too, but I don't like any pictures of myself as you can probably tell as pictures of me are scarce. Oh, well. Pretty, little Tali will have to do :)

These are the photo's I picked from for James' picture frame...

I have to say, I love her pretty little squinty, crescent, moon-shaped eyes that she gets with a big smile.

This one is probably one of my favorites (below).

It's not easy walking in Daddy's shoes. It wasn't much, but I thought it turned out nice. I love my husband very much.

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