Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks For The Help

 I thought, hmmmm... Tali might have fun helping me make fruit kabobs for dinner tonight. She was excited at first, but then it became stressful for me worrying about her skewering herself with the pointy stick. It ended up being her watching me do most of them while she watched, played around, and ate the fruit.

We had a little cookout outside for dinner.

This is our little portable gas grill that we got as a wedding gift. We love it.

We had hotdogs, turkey burgers, macaroni salad (Homemade, I might add. Are you slightly impressed? Don't be. It didn't turn out very good lol. I hate trying out a new recipe and it not turning out good! One of the most frustrating things in life, I think.), and our fruit kabobs. (I think the word, "kabob" is fun to say.)

It was a lot of fun being outside all together. "All together" is my favorite. I think quality time is my love language, it fills my love reservoir right up :)

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