Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tarzan Family Movie Night

 Not a lot to this post... for family night, we rented Tarzan and popped popcorn and watched it all together. Pretty much it lol.

It was Atalia's first time watching Tarzan (originally I wanted Aladin, but they didn't have it at Blockbuster). At first, she was mad when I picked it out to watch.. she wanted some cartoon-Star Wars movie, but once we turned it on she instantly liked it. 

I thought it was fitting to put her in her new monkey jammies for the Tarzan movie.

There was this part when Tarzan was doing all these rope swinging moves and out of nowhere, we heard Atalia say, "He....IS....SO....Cool." It cracked us up. Then there was another part when Tarzan kills a jaguar and while she was watching it, she started giving her tough superhero pose and tough guy face, walking slowly toward the TV. That also cracked us up. 

It was fun. The movie made James and I laugh more than we expected or remembered from it. Another happy night with the family.

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