Friday, July 6, 2012

The Paper Airplane Race

 Tali and I decorated some paper airplanes. It's been so long since I've folded one. I had to look it up on how to fold it right. I remember, my brother, Jon, had a book on how to fold all sorts of paper airplanes. I kinda wished I had that book on hand, it would have been fun trying different kinds of airplanes and racing them.

The plan was to have a family paper airplane race, but we had to put off for another weekend. We finally found some time to have our race, a few weeks later. We had to make new airplanes, our others ones got pretty beat up, flying them around inside.

The goof.

James went his own way (the wrong way) on how to fold his. 
It took on a diamond shape.

Here's our anti-climatic race lol.

Sometimes, I hate the sound of my voice, narrating these home videos. Bleh, I just get sick of hearing my own voice. I'm a bit breathy, let's blame that on being pregnant and not out of shape ;)


  1. I hate narrating home videos too. I have actually given up talking because I hate my voice so much and usually you just see things and hear the background noise -- in 50 years I'll watch it and be like-- why did i record this, what is going on? lol. Cute idea for a paper airplane race- mentally noted. :)

  2. GREAT IDEA!!! we are going to have to do it in our house:)