Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pick Up Sticks

Have you ever played that game, Pick Up Sticks?  When you have a bunch of small, plastic sticks and you pile them up and take turns trying to get a stick without moving any other sticks? Well, we tried playing that same game, but with real sticks.

We sent Atalia on the quest to get a bunch of sticks..
Her dirty, smudgy face :)

Our stick pile.
We each took turns. Atalia didn't quite get the point of the game, but listened to our orders lol. We pretty much just let her have a stick each round. It was actually really hard. Much harder than the real game that has slick, straight, plastic sticks rather than our nubby, crooked, real sticks.

Hold on, Atalia is getting off task. 

Atalia's sticks that she "won".

James' sticks that he won so far... making a far off, dreamy pose. 
I think James actually ended up winning.


We've got to head back home. A sad Tali :(

We had headed up into the canyons for this (James' favorite thing to do). We made a fire for fun and just relaxed and then played our game. It made me want to go get the real game to play.

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