Monday, August 6, 2012


I made these upper case and lower case flash cards for Tali. We are still working on recognizing the letters and then hopefully moving on to recognizing upper case and lower case soon. It's a working progress. The upper and lower case letters connect together like a puzzle. I'd give her a few at a time and try to let her figure out the matches.

Some were easier than others... like big C and little c and big K and little k were a lot easier than big G and little g.

After a while, I could tell, she was loosing interest and patience. 

So, we put them up for another day and started to work on something else. Tali has a laminated placemat that you can turn around and work on tracing your alphabet, counting numbers and shapes, and a few other things. 

Here is Atalia singing her ABC's... quietly.

We still need to work on the end of the alphabet :)

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