Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling So Big!

Heh heh.. I thought the title of this post might be misleading, making some of you think it might be about my pregnancy, but it's not!  

About a month ago, Great Grandma Hansen gave Tali her first $2.00. When she handed it to her, you could tell by Tali's expression that she felt really special and big. We finally got around to taking her to the Dollar Tree to spend her $2.00. We had been keeping it in her purse which Atalia loved, again,  making her feel so grown-up.

Tali before we went inside the store.

Really excited.

At the store, I think it was a bit overwhelming trying to pick just two things. We really had to try to keep her focused on picking two toys. Finally, when she had decided, we took her two items to the cashier to pay for them. Tali handed her money to the nice cashier lady and needed a little help from Mommy with tax. The cashier gave Tali the receipt and the little bit of change left over from the tax. It was the sweetest thing seeing Tali with her sweet little smile taking the receipt and change back. You could tell that she was feeling so big and proud of herself. It made James and I so happy to experience this with her.

lol I don't know what it is, but she stops humoring Mommy with her questions when the camera comes on. Makes it hard to capture all the cute stuff she says.
She also liked carrying her stuff in the grocery bag, also making her feel grown-up.

What Tali picked out at the store...

An Iron Man ball and a Cars paint set thing.

Getting to use her paint set the next day!

This was so fun for James and me. Just made my heart swell with happies :)

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