Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Bit Of General Conference

 Yeah, I'm a bit behind haha. Just want to share a little bit of what we did for Conference.

We went over to our friends for the first session. They made Star Wars pancakes! How exciting!!  Atalia loved her Yoda pancake! Yoda looks angry.

Had some quiet things for Atalia planned like stickers, coloring these little wood cut-outs, magnet boards, snacks, no-mess finger painting, and beading necklaces (that one kept her entertained the longest).

And of course we ate way too much! 
I usually end up dozing off during one of the sessions, but not this time! That's a first. I was even on Tylenol PM (didn't have normal Tylenol and Tylenol is all you can take when you're pregnant) for that first session and my eye-lids were so heavy!  I'm proud of myself, that was not easy lol. 

Sorry, wish I could liven this post up a bit, but not sure how. How about promises of more interesting ones for the future? Yeah, let's do that.

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