Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not Wreath-Making Talented

(Thankfully, my mother is)

I have a few holiday projects that I pick off my Pinterest boards to tackle for each holiday. My anxiety rose when a friend told me how many weeks we have until Christmas!! I thought I better get started on some of these projects, starting with Halloween!

This was the inspiration for one of my Halloween crafts from my Halloween Pinterest board.

I think I loved the black lace overlay idea.

This was my weak attempt..

It could be worse, I suppose lol.  I definitely didn't love it and most certainly wasn't going to show it off. Deep down I suddenly knew that I am not great wreath-maker. I consider myself pretty crafty, but for some reason wreaths are not my forte. I was clueless on where to even begin on improving it.

I called in the big guns... my mother. 

With her help, we were able to come up with a much better design! And I LOVE it!!  

Now it makes me happy! 
I feel like the picture doesn't even do it justice!

Though, I gave the executive decision with each item/aspect, it all started with ideas/suggestions from my mom. My mom is talented. Grateful that she could and was willing to help me. 

My door thanks her too, it now feels ready for October :)

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  1. So pretty! Yes, your mom has an amazing gift for making things beautiful!